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Steel Cord®

Steel Cord®

Dunlop Conveyor Belts


The worldwide Fenner Dunlop Group has more than 40 years of experience in producing top-quality Steelcord belting. Here in the Netherlands, we combine that experience with the latest, most technologically advanced Steelcord manufacturing line in the World. This combination is used to produce belts that provide outstanding reliability and durability and exceed just about every international standard imaginable.

Application areas

Dunlop steelcord belts are used in a wide cross‑section of industries.

Outstanding strength and durability

— Unbeatable wear resistance – longer operational lifetime

— Low elongation

— Low maintenance

— First-class splicing characteristics


Are Dunlop Steelcord belts kept in stock, or are they only available to order?

Because of the huge variety of different specifications, all Dunlop steelcord belts are custom-made to order in our factory in Drachten in The Netherlands. They can be supplied in abrasion, cut, rip & tear cover grades as well as oil-resistant and fire-resistant in widths from 500mm to 1600mm.

Can Steelcord belts be supplied with breakers?

Yes. There are two categories of breaker – ‘fabric breakers’ and steel breakers and Dunlop steelcord belts can be supplied in any type. The stronger, heavier-weight, nylon fabric breakers and steel breakers can actually stop a belt so they are often referred to as ‘rip stop’ breakers.

Why are Dunlop Steelcord belts more expensive than most of your competitors?

The main reason is the superior quality of the raw materials that we use. Raw materials make up more than 70% of the cost of making a steelcord belt. We make all of our rubber ourselves and is engineered to provide far superior resistance to abrasion, cutting and gouging, ozone and ultra violet light. We also only use the very highest grade steel cords. For these reasons, Dunlop steelcord belts provide a much longer operational lifetime and therefore the lowest lifetime cost.