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Pulp, Paper & Wood

Conveyor belting for wood and fibre production

Conveyors play an important role in many of the different processes found within the wood, paper & pulp industry. These different processes and applications can place very different demands on the conveyor belt. For example, enormous damage can be caused by tree trunks as they are loaded onto the conveyor belt or by pieces of timber or other objects becoming trapped and penetrating the belt. Impact, ripping and tearing can easily destroy even the thickest and heaviest belts in the blink of an eye. Another ‘belt destroyer’ are the oils and resins found in many types of wood. These have a very detrimental effect on the performance and life expectancy of conveyor belts. Over time, the oils and resins penetrate the rubber causing it to swell and distort, resulting in serious running problems. Fortunately, at Technobalt, we have a whole range of solutions to meet every possible requirement.