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Conveyor Belt Services

Conveyor Belt Services

Always Around

At Technobalt, our priority is to do whatever it takes to keep your operation moving with the absolute minimum of interruption. We achieve this by providing first-class emergency breakdown services and contracted maintenance programs that help avoid unscheduled downtime and lost production. Improving conveyor efficiency helps to maximize production and minimize costs.

  • Preventative maintenance programs – inspections & servicing
  • Site call-outs – contracted or emergency services
  • Telephone assistance 24/7
  • Electrical & mechanical services
  • Conveyor system inspection & repairs
  • Repairs, overhauls & upgrades
  • Retrofit replacement equipment
  • Consultancy – to identify cost savings and improve operational efficiencies.

Belt Splicing & Splicing Kits


Our ongoing recruitment and training program ensures that our conveyor belt splicing teams are the best in the business. At Technobalt we offer both on-site and endless splicing services using our facilities. Our technicians are proficient in the splicing of all types of conveyor belts – plied rubber, solid woven PVC, and steel cord. With this kind of flexibility, you can be sure that we will provide your company with an unrivalled level of service.

Splice Kits

The weakest point of any rubber conveyor belt is the splice joint. If the splice joint is not sufficiently strong and durable then failure can be catastrophic. To get the best operational results it is essential that the splicing material rubber has very similar physical properties and characteristics compared to the rubber used to make the belt itself including the outer cover rubber and the skim (inter-ply) rubber. This is because each rubber-based component has very specific properties applicable to its function. The splicing materials must also be a compatible match to bond with each other. This is vital in order to ensure that the most efficient bond possible with good adhesions on both carcass and the transition to the base belt is created. These objectives are usually best achieved by using splicing materials supplied by the original manufacturer of the belt.

In order to help our customers achieve the strongest, most reliable splice joints, we supply a wide range of high performance splicing materials and splicing kits. A virtually unique feature of the Dunlop range is that it has been developed by the same engineers and technicians who developed the conveyor belts they are designed to be used on. This means that Dunlop splicing materials and kits are as close to the perfect match that it is possible to achieve. The result is optimum performance in terms of adhesion, dynamic life and efficient application.

PVC and PU Conveyor belts

Polyurethane (PU) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC) conveyor belts are commonly used for the transport of relatively lightweight, non-aggressive materials. These types of conveyor belts can be ordered specifically according to the material being conveyed, by different thickness, number of layers and many other factors. PVC and PU conveyor belts have the advantage of not creating unsightly marks on the material being carried. We hold good levels of stock of PVC and PU belting in our operational centres in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As with rubber belting, we also provide a splicing services, both in our own workshops and on site.

Most commonly used materials:


Good wear resistance, most commonly used, economically priced. Available with different hardness covers.


Very good wear resistance, used on fast running and high abrasion positions.


Very good chemical resistance, used in color chambers.

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All of our Dunlop ‘Made in the Netherlands’ conveyor belts are designed to provide at least 50% lower lifetime cost compared to belts being offered by other manufacturers, both inside and outside of Europe.
Longer life = lower cost!

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Thanks to our long-term experience we can offer products that meets high quality standard and are ISO-certified. Trust the Technobalt Estonia. At Technobalt we are proud to supply the full Dunlop range of belt constructions, rubber cover combinations, and specialist products.