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Conveyor belts for the waste management

It is hard to imagine any other industry that places such extreme demands on its conveyor belts. Conveyors in recycling and waste plants have to deal with a wide variety of materials including all kinds of hard, sharp objects that cut, gouge and pierce the belts, causing enormous damage. And when these objects become trapped they can completely destroy a belt in the blink of an eye. Mineral and vegetable oil and the numerous other chemicals found in household waste are other deadly killer of rubber belts because it causes the rubber to swell and distort, making the belt increasingly difficult to keep running straight. Worse still, the various layers of the belt literally start to separate. Last but by no means least, the often highly combustible nature of waste means that having belts with first-class fire-resistant properties is increasingly important. Fortunately, conveyor belts that can handle all of these challenges with ease are bread and butter to Technobalt.