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Metre Ltd was founded in 1996 based on the former Türi EPT production department. The main activity at the present is the construction of metal structures and machine components for manufacturing companies in Estonia and Scandinavia. Most of the production (about 70%) is sold either directly or through the end product manufacturers for export.


• Different turned and machined products
• Up to 6m long bended profiles
• Conveyors and welded constructions
• Components production facility for lifting equipment
• Metal containers
• Industrial dampers (end product)

The company has a wide selection of machinery for producing various metal products and for carrying out subcontraction works.

Metre main field of activity is the sub-sector where due the company's high production potential and long-term customer relationships it is still primarily focused on outsourced series of products. However, increasing competition forces constant expanding of equipment fleet, modernization of production facilities, and business owners vision of expansion forces to turn more attention to the development of their products.


• Almost 60 years of experience from steel constructions and machinery maintenance.
• Over 5500 m2 production facilities surrounded by 2,3 ha territory. Production halls with height up to 8 m, width up to 15 m and length up to 60 m.
• Over 60 qualified employees with relevant certifications.
• A large range of machinery under the same roof. Large machinery range including laser and plasma cutting, bending, turning, milling, surface tempering, large sandblasting and painting facilities etc.


  • 1951 was founded state owned tractor renting base in central Estonian city – Türi
  • 1972 tractor renting base was formed into maintenance department of state owned agricultural melioration company Türi EPT
  • 1988 was formed joint venture with Finnish combine harvester producer Sampo Rosenlew
  • 1996 production department was separated from sales department and independent metal production company Metre was formed
  • 2006 Metre was aquired by technological company Technobalt Group

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